Insulated aluminum panels

The features and the effect of insulating aluminum plate

– The ability of insulation: Aluminum plate insulation airbags 95-97% can prevent external heat radiation, preventing the absorption of heat in the summer and heat in winter. The temperature difference between the two sides of the product is about 50-70%

– Ability to soundproof: Helps reduce noise 60-70%.

– Impact on environment: non-toxic material to humans, the environment; prevent the existence of mold, bacteria and water vapor condensation; protect and increase the life of the roof.


– Installation and maintenance: Installation is convenient, quick, easy, no maintenance, maintenance.

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– Cost savings: the lighting power supply and air conditioning

Application of insulated aluminum plate airbags:

– Use directly under the roof types such as metal roofing metal roof, concrete roof tiles, roof tiles with fibro cement roofing systems for industrial buildings and warehouses, the boarding house, restaurants, cafes, parking, …

– Lay on a suspended ceiling, plastic ceiling, plaster ceiling; support all kinds of partition walls.

– Use of insulated piping system …

– Lining the ceiling, floor and walls in the car; etc.